Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) at OLR - Our Lady of Rosary, Shelly Beach
Student Wellbeing

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) at OLR

All students, their families and staff at Our Lady of The Rosary, have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. In line with this, all members of the school community share the responsibility to foster, encourage and promote positive behaviour and respectful relationships. At OLR, we promote safe and supportive learning environments which maximises the teaching and learning time for all students.

The aim for PBL is to explicitly teach and reinforce desired behaviour.

All children know and understand our one school rule; ‘As Disciples of Jesus, we make good choices.’ Our Behaviour Management Policy is based on PBL and lessons are taught fortnightly. Positive Behaviour is encouraged and reinforced. Everyday teachers choose three students within their class to award with a Star Point for demonstrating one of the expected behaviours found on our Matrix. When a student receives 10 Star Points, they are rewarded with a Medallion, when a child receives 30 Star Points, they receive their Bronze Award. They receive a Silver Award after 60 Star Points and a Gold award after 90 Star Points. Our Kinder students also receive a Principal’s Award after 5 Star Points to help them feel success on their PBL journey.

Below is an image of our Behaviour Matrix where you will see our overarching school rule broken down into three areas; Respectful, Responsible and Learners. Under each of these areas you will find all of the expected behaviours that are explicitly taught during our fortnightly PBL Lesson Time. These are the behaviours on which Star Points are awarded.