Pastoral Care - Our Lady of Rosary, Shelly Beach
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Pastoral Care

At Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School, The Entrance, Jesus Christ is our inspiration for all pastoral care within the school community. Through pastoral care we ensure the needs of all children are met enabling their full development and that appropriate care is provided to develop the whole child.

At OLR, we believe that all members of the community have the right to a learning and work environment. Inspired by our motto, ‘Celebrating Community’, we commit to love one another in a supportive Catholic community where faith and individuals are nurtured.

Pastoral Care in OLR Catholic Primary School is based firmly on the Christian vision as expressed in the following:

Pastoral Care:

-has as its focus, the life of Jesus Christ
-is concerned with the dignity and integral growth of the person
-is a responsibility entrusted to all members of the faith community
-is a force for healing, reconciliation and liberation
-is an expression of and commitment to justice

(Extract from the Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy)