Before and After School Care - Our Lady of Rosary, Shelly Beach
Parent Information

Before and After School Care

Our school caters for working parents with the provision of out of school hours care. The care is run by an external company – ‘Busy Bee’s OSHC’ which is located on the school site and uses the school’s facilities.

Busy Bees OSHC is a Central Coast business that has been operating for over 20 years. And operating out of the premises of OLR’s hall since 2006.

We provide Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care.

Our operating hours are:

Monday- Friday

Before School Care- 6.30am- 8.30am

After School Care- 3.00pm- 6.00pm

Vacation Care- 7.00am- 6.00pm


Our Centre’s Philosophy 

We believe that all children are creative, curious and active learners and that every child is unique. We believe that children thrive through participating in experiences that are joyful and fun and aim to provide a safe space that encourages their individual strengths to shine.

We aim to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment, where children feel welcomed and supported to learn life-long skills that help them explore, experiment and grow. 

 Our play-based program is filled with stimulating, hands-on experiences that admire and reflect the ideas and interests of the children within our service, as well as challenge and extend on their skills and perspectives.
We recognise that the children within our service will be at different developmental stages and will each be comfortable with their own pattern of learning and play. 

We see this as a strength to our service allowing opportunities for leadership and positive role modelling as well as teamwork and cooperation between children, and between children and educators.

Our Educators encourage and support each individual child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development and will endeavour to improve on their own skills through critical reflection and constructive feedback. 

We recognise that we all contribute to the wellbeing of the environment we live in and will encourage educators, children and families to explore and establish sustainable practices within our centre and in the outside world. 


Busy Bee’s OSHC offers lots of engaging activities during our sessions including; a large selection of toys and equipment, craft activities, games, cooking, science experiments, STEM and sporting/ outdoor activities.


For Before School Care we provide breakfast may includes pancakes, yoghurt, bacon and eggs and fresh muffins.


For After School Care we serve an afternoon tea with items including spaghetti bolognese, rice cakes, soups, butter chicken and stir-fry’s, as well as a large fruit platter each day.


During Vacation Care we always have heaps of great activities planned including Excursions to the cinemas, farms and zoos and playcentres. We also have centre day activities including themed days, magic shows, reptile displays and sporting days.



Prices start from $4.62 for Before School Care, $5.77 for After School Care and $15.42 for Vacation Care.

Busy Bee’s OSHC has the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) available.

Please get in contact with the service and we can give you an estimate on how much care would cost for you.


You can contact us during our operating ours on 0488 345 417 or through our email or head to our Facebook page @busybeesoshc to see all the great things we get up to.


We Look forward to meeting you all.